Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Mix

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Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Mix
  • Our gluten-free pretzel dough mix
  • Everything included (yeast, mix, salt)
  • Choose the number of bags from the drop-down above, with a discount on multiple bags
  • One 1.5 pound bag makes 8-10 pretzels
  • Visit our blog for more recipes using this mix!

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Our very own Dutch Country Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Mix! Prepackaged with salt, yeast and mix. Just add water and vegetable oil and you're on your way to making fresh soft pretzels! Our bags have easy to follow directions and pictures to show you how to twist your very own pretzel. Enjoy learning with family or impress guests with fresh soft pretzels! 


Customer Comments:

  • "For a beginner, pretzel making may seem difficult. There are a lot of steps to follow to make pretzels. Dutch Country Soft Pretzels Mix breaks these steps down so that they are easier and quicker."
  • "The pretzel mix takes all the guess work out of pretzel making."